Reinvent yourself.

In order to change your life for the better, you must change yourself.


  1. Make a list of all the elements of your identity that you want to have.
    What qualities will help you achieve your goals? Describe them in detail. Be sure to write it all down. Don’t be shy—throw thoughts like, “I could never do that,” or, “That could never be me,” out of your mind. You can be whoever you want to be!
  2. Look to someone you admire.
    Think about a role model of yours. What elements of their identity do you want to emulate? Write them down, and begin incorporating them into your new identity.
  3. Develop a plan of action to take in order to live consistently with your new identity.
    You may need to change your lifestyle and your social circle. When developing this plan, ask yourself, “Will this person/activity reinforce or destroy the new identity I am creating?”
  4. Broadcast this identity to everyone—including yourself!
    Use your new label to describe yourself every single day. Soon enough, it won’t feel like a new identity anymore!


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