Rehearse your new habit to make it easier to absorb


  1. Choose a behaviour you would like to make a habit
    For example: returning the remote control to the mantle after you have finished watching TV.

  2. Clearly define when you will practise this habit
    For example, write down: After I push the off button at night, I will put the remote on the mantle.

  3. Rehearse your habit
    Sit in the chair where you watch TV. Pick up the remote, hit ‘off’, then stand up and put the remote on the mantle.

  4. Celebrate, as though you truly practised your habit
    For example, give yourself a thumbs-up.

  5. Rehearse this sequence seven to ten times
    You’re training muscle memory and rewiring your brain. You wire in a habit quickly with an effective celebration, so make sure your celebration creates positive feelings within you.


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