Reflect on how well you handled your daily highlight at the end of each day


  1. Write down your highlight on a piece of paper.
    It could be to write the introduction for your upcoming book.

  2. Grade your levels of focus and energy.
    Grade yourself on how you performed on each of these sections using a scale of one to ten.

  3. Write down the tactics you tried under each section.
    For example, you could have used the tactic of shutting the door to stay laser-focused to write the introduction of your book.

  4. Evaluate each tactic and write down how it went.
    For example, instead of keeping the door permanently shut, you may have been opening it from time to time to catch up on breaking news in your living room.

  5. If you don’t feel accomplished, come up with new tactics to try out tomorrow.
    For example, you could decide to plug off your TV and take it to the closet so that you don’t get distracted by it.


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