Reflect creatively and intuitively on your dream content


  1. Set aside time daily or weekly to reflect on your dreams.
    Take out your journal, listen to your recordings, and familiarize yourself with your dream contents.

  2. As you reflect, look for emotional content and see if it relates to your life situation.
    Our feelings in daily life often appear in dreams, though they may present in seemingly unrelated or random ways.

  3. Learn to think laterally and symbolically about dream content.
    Let yourself free-associate as you reflect on your dreams, and welcome any connections you make. Draw upon your wisdom and intelligence in the process of dream interpretation.

  4. Cultivate and trust your intuition as you interpret your dreams.
    Dreams are subjective experiences—it is your feeling of the ‘right-ness’ or ‘wrong-ness’ of any interpretation that matters.

  5. When you feel stuck, talk to friends and family about dreams.
    Ask them for their input, the way they would interpret things, or their associations with particular dream events and symbols. Take it as a playful and creative exercise—there is no one right answer.


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