Reduce unnecessary attacks of vomiting


  1. Keep your eyes fixated on the horizon far ahead.
    Motion sickness is due to a mismatch between what we see and hear. Keep your eyes on the horizon to help balance the sensors and better coordinate their information.

  2. Listen to music on headphones and try to relax.
    Listening to music or doing an activity you consider relaxing can prevent the brain from entering into a state of alarm associated with vomiting.

  3. Use ginger to calm your stomach.
    Studies show that ginger has a beneficial effect on nausea. Substances contained in the ginger block the brain's vomiting center and the feeling of nausea.

  4. Buy medication from the pharmacy to prevent vomiting.
    They can prevent vomiting by blocking the receptors in the vomiting center, numbing the nerves in the stomach and gut, or suppressing certain alarm signals.


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