Reduce the amount of time you spend distracted by your smartphone


  1. Design your physical environment to support the experiences you desire
    Charge your phone away from your desk and bed and keep books or a journal within arm’s reach. You can even consider making your bedroom a smartphone-free zone.

  2. Develop a morning routine
    Eat breakfast, meditate, read a book, journal, etc. Decide what you want your routine to be, and you won’t feel tempted to mindlessly scroll through your phone every morning.

  3. Schedule a boring quiet hour every day
    Spend this time completely disconnected from your devices. You can even make this part of your morning routine!

  4. Keep your phone on silent mode and limit the hours you are accessible
    Categorize your contacts into one of the following:

    • Essential - a small group of people who will be able to access you at all times. Set their ringtone to “emergency bypass” via their contact cards on your phone.
    • Important - all the people you are open to communicating with multiple times a day. Define 2-3 timeslots per day where you will answer them.
    • Unimportant - Schedule one timeslot per day where you will answer everyone else’s messages, calls, and emails.
  5. Put your phone aside when spending time with others
    Be fully present in your interactions with others. If you really do need to use your phone, excuse yourself from the conversation first.

  6. Send yourself “Consciousness Reminders” via an app
    Yapp Reminders is a good app for this, but you can use whichever you prefer. Simply set reminders of your desires or goals and it will randomly notify you of them, helping you break free from mindlessly scrolling.


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