Undergo a 30-day Technology Triage


  1. Week 1: Assess your current relationship with your phone.
    • Day 1: Download a tracking app to understand your phone usage.
    • Day 2: Write a note to your future self, describing your ideal phone relationship.
    • Day 3: Pay attention to when and how you use your phone and how it makes you feel. Use visual cues like a rubber band or tape on your phone to remind you.
    • Day 4: Review the results from the tracking app and reflect on how your phone interruptions affect you. Create a "speed bump" (small obstacles that force you to slow down) to pause and reconsider your actions.
    • Day 5: Delete social media apps from your phone.
    • Day 6: Make a list of fun off-phone activities to do in the coming days to reduce phone reliance.
    • Day 7: Engage in a physical and enjoyable activity like yoga or walking in the park to reconnect with your body.
  2. Week 2: Change your habits.
    • Day 8: Turn off unnecessary notifications and keep only essential ones.
    • Day 9: Declutter your apps by removing unnecessary ones from your phone.
    • Day 10: Charge your phone away from your bedroom to reduce nighttime accessibility.
    • Day 11: Modify your environment to support desired behaviors.
    • Day 12: Download an app blocker to limit usage.
    • Day 13: Set boundaries by establishing No-Phone zones and a designated wake-up time for your phone.
    • Day 14: Avoid "phubbing" by keeping your phone out of reach in certain situations.
  3. Week 3: Reclaim your brain.
    • Day 15: Take a mindful pause, focusing on the present moment.
    • Day 16: Intentionally be still in situations where you typically reach for your phone.
    • Day 17: Exercise your attention span by actively focusing on a task.
    • Day 18: Practice meditation for mental clarity.
    • Day 19: Prepare for a trial separation from your phone by making necessary arrangements.
    • Days 20-21: Turn off and hide your phone for a 24-hour break.
  4. Week 4: Establish a new relationship with your phone.
    • Day 22: Reflect on your observations and experiences during the trial separations.
    • Day 23: Set aside a period of time to leave your phone behind or turn it off.
    • Day 24: Take proactive control of your time and attention rather than reacting to phone-related distractions.
    • Day 25: Clean up and organize your digital life, including email and social media.
    • Day 26: Monitor social media usage and remind yourself of the benefits of reducing it.
    • Day 27: Take another digital break for the day.
    • Day 28: Create a personalized plan for how you want to use your phone going forward.
    • Day 29: Schedule regular check-ins to assess and maintain your relationship with your phone.
    • Day 30: Write a note to yourself acknowledging your accomplishments and personal growth during the program.


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