Record all dreams you recall immediately on waking


  1. Keep a dream diary or journal to record dreams.
    Any form of recording is fine: handwritten, voice record, drawing—consistency is more important than format.

  2. Whatever your chosen form of dream recording, keep it next to your bed, so it’s easily accessible when you wake up.
    This will prompt you to record daily and remind you how interested you are in remembering your dreams.

  3. Record whatever you remember of your dreams as soon as you wake up.
    Make this the first thing you do in the morning before doing anything else. If you wake up in the middle of the night, record your dreams before going back to sleep. Otherwise, you’re likely to have forgotten them by the time you wake up again in the morning.

  4. Start with the first image or feeling you have on waking.
    Follow that thread until it jogs your memory of the rest of your dreams. When you first start to record your dreams, it is normal only to remember snippets, random images, or feelings. Dream recall is a skill that develops over time, so start where you are and honor whatever you remember. Even the tiniest pieces can be meaningful.

  5. Visualize the faces of those you have strong feelings about in your waking life.
    These people will likely feature in your dreams, and recalling them on waking may trigger memories of dreams you had about them at night.

  6. If you wake up and struggle to recall anything, revisit the positions you slept in to help jog your memories.
    Relax into each position and see if any images, memories, or thoughts arise.

  7. Be patient with the process and honor your individuality.
    Exploring your dreams is like starting a new relationship—it takes time to build trust, find a rhythm and truly understand your partner. In this case, your partner is your own mind. Give yourself time to gain familiarity with your dream world, and don’t give up if you can’t recall your dreams immediately.


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