Reconnect with your masculinity


  1. Spend more time with other men
    Write down the names of 3 men whom you respect and would like to get to know better. Next to each name, write down an activity you can do together. Then write down a date and commit to contacting each person by this date.

  2. Take care of your physical body
    Identify 3 ways in which you neglect your body. Then write down 3 ways in which you can gain more strength, power, and self-confidence. You can take up swimming, weight training, martial arts or a sport. You can also start eating healthy food, get rid of alcohol and drugs, get enough rest, and drink lots of water.

  3. Change your perception of your father
    Draw a straight vertical line down the middle of a sheet of paper. On the left side, write down your father’s characteristics. On the right side, write down the opposite characteristics. Indicate where on the spectrum between the two that you see yourself. You may realize that you’ve gone to the opposite extreme of your father. You may also realize that you have more in common with your father than you previously wanted to accept.


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