Raise your children in a conscientious way to inspire their originality


  1. Find role models outside the family for your children
    Identify mentors outside the family who can inspire your children to develop original and creative ideas. Expose them to a variety of people and talents, whether it’s through reading biographies, graphic novels or comic books about superheroes.

  2. When punishing your child for errant behavior, help them understand their mistake and why they shouldn’t repeat it
    For example, if your child refuses to share toys with a sibling or causes physical harm to someone, encourage them to consider the distress they have caused to another. Help them understand the importance of empathy rather than forcing them to follow your rules blindly. The child will grow up feeling that you trust them to comprehend and improve their behavior.

  3. Praise your child’s character rather than their actions
    When your child generously shares their sweets with someone, compliment their character by saying, “You’re a very kind person” instead of “That was a kind thing to do.” Complimenting their character helps the child to internalize the action as part of their core identity.

  4. Keep your house rules to a minimum and focus more on moral values
    To enforce discipline in your home, maintain only one or two rules and focus more on teaching your kids values such as respect, integrity and curiosity. Help them form their own internal compass of values instead of relying on external regulations to control them.


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