Radically improve your financial situation


  1. Get motivated.
    Move from getting by to getting motivated! Rather than avoid, get frustrated with your financial situation. Frustration gives you the motivation you need to make it through your quest for wealth.
  2. Get mindful.
    Become conscious and aware of your daily financial choices. Keep a record of all your expenses and draw up a budget with percentage allocations, so you can compare with your expenses and adjust them accordingly.
  3. Get rid of negative money habits.
    Practice financial discipline by sticking to your intended allocation plans for spending, saving, investing, and giving of your financial resources. Remove habits that derail you from doing this, such as forgetting to cancel subscriptions, not monitoring your credit reports, neglecting insurance, and using payday loans.
  4. Get specific.
    Create a financial plan. Get a clear picture of your spending priorities and your short term financial goals, and develop a vision for where you want to be in the long term. Sitting with a financial advisor would be very helpful in getting this done.
  5. Get momentum.
    Stick to your financial plans and remain consistent over time. Any amount you set aside in the right type of account, under stable market conditions, and don’t touch or withdraw, will grow. This is magnified by the compounding effect, which creates momentum.


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