Put in the effort to have a good marriage.

Love and marriage are two of the most important aspects of a happy, fulfilling life. Put in the effort required and you will have a wonderful relationship with your spouse.


  1. Think about one thing you could do right now to increase the love and harmony in your marriage.
    Just do it!

  2. Think about what disciplines or habits you could develop to improve the quality of your marriage for the other person.
    Just do it!

  3. Identify one behavior you could adopt that would improve the level of communication in your marriage.
    Just do it!

  4. Ask your spouse what he/she would like to do to more or less of, or start or stop doing.
    Just do it!

  5. Think about what makes your relationship so good in the first place.
    What do you admire about your partner, how are you two compatible, what are the important values you share? Always remind yourself of this.


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