Protect your long uninterrupted times because this is when you are most productive.

When you collaborate with people, distractions are inevitable. Especially when you work in an office. Just a few distractions per day can kill your productivity because you won’t have enough time to get into the zone.


  1. Plan your day to have the longest possible time without interruptions.
    The most common distractions are meetings, random office conversations, lunches, and so on.

  2. Consider “no-talk Thursdays,” where everyone has to spend the entire day working.
    This will show you and your team how much you can do if you are fully focused on your tasks.

  3. Give up instant messages, phone calls, and emails.
    Just shut up and get to work.

  4. When you collaborate, use passive communication tools such as emails.
    Everything that can randomly distract you should be avoided. Instead, check your emails 2–3 times a day.

  5. Minimize meetings. If they can’t be avoided, keep them short and to the point.
    Meetings can be the biggest time consumers. Think of how you can hold fewer of them and make them shorter.


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