Protect the plants and animals that are still here


  1. Educate yourself on the plants and animals that have been driven to extinction by humans
    Many went extinct when forager Sapiens colonized Australia, New Zealand, North America, and parts of Europe. Then, many more went extinct when farmer Sapiens settled islands across the world’s seas and oceans. 
  2. Research currently endangered plant and animal species
    Plants and animals continue to go extinct due to the actions of humans - whether direct or indirect. Learn more about the animal species that are endangered: they’re still here, but they may not be for much longer. 
  3. Reflect on what you can do to protect the life that has survived thus far
    For example, animals raised for human consumption (pigs for meat, cows for milk, etc) are subjected to brutal practices in order to increase production and efficiency. So, ask yourself, “What can I do to limit my consumption of animal products”, or “How can I source ethical animal products?”
  4. Take action!


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