Promote your blog post


  1. Think about more than one funny and interesting version of your blog title.

  2. Create three images in Canva: 735 by 1102 pixels, 788 by 940 pixels, and 512 by 1024 pixels.

  3. Pin the first one to Pinterest using two links.
    One in the description and one in the source field.

  4. Share the second image resolution attached to the post on LinkedIn.
    Match the image name with the title of your post.

  5. Use the first picture while sharing a post on Google+.
    Include a link to the blog.

  6. Use the second version of the resolution when you post on Facebook.

  7. Tweet the blog post with the third picture and schedule additional tweets with quotes from the post using the different titles.

  8. Share your article on relevant social media and add relevant hashtags.


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