Process your emotional hot spots


  1. Practice the power of remembering so you can link your present feeling back to your past:
    Put some soothing background music and ask yourself questions about the past. You can look at some photos to help trigger your memory. Some example questions include: When was the last time you eventually succeeded? When was the last time you depended on someone? When was the last time you got what you wanted?
  2. Relive the memory.
    This doesn’t have to be the clearest memory; it can be faint or a little vague. Imagine what you felt as you relive the memory. Reprocessing the same event is fine, or you can explore new ones.
  3. Enrich the experience and imagine you can share your feelings with a trusted person and process your hurt.
    Do the “Feeling Better” exercise by first writing a letter to the person/people involved in your chosen experience, writing a response letter to what you’ve written, and expressing your feelings of forgiveness, understanding, and gratitude.


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