Be self-sufficient before committing to a romantic relationship


  1. Learn to be independent. Focus on becoming a self-sufficient person, able to take care of yourself. Learn how to make a living, how to stay healthy, and how to be happy on your own.
  2. Explore different types of relationships and intimacy.
    Engage in social activities and meet new people. Go on dates and be open to different types of relationships. Take note of what qualities and dynamics resonate with you and bring you joy. Learn effective communication and conflict-resolution skills along the way.
  3. Understand your own needs and boundaries.
    Gain a deep understanding of your own desires, values, and emotional needs. Take the time to assess what is important to you in a long-term relationship before making commitments.
  4. Recognize when a relationship isn't working.
    Be honest with yourself and evaluate the health and compatibility of your relationships. If a relationship is consistently causing unhappiness or isn't aligned with your values, consider ending it to prioritize your well-being.


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