Place your goals in a hierarchy


  1. ** Identify your top-level goal.**
    What is your largest long-term goal? Choose only one that's meaningful to you. It should also be something you're passionate about. When you choose one top-level goal and focus all your efforts on achieving it, you are more likely to succeed.
  2. ** Identify your mid-level goals.**
    What do you need to do in order to directly achieve your top-level goal? There are usually a few things you will need to do—these are your mid-level goals. When you break your goal down into smaller goals, you map out a clear path to success for yourself.
  3. ** Identify your low-level goals.**
    Low-level goals are concrete actions you can take today in order to achieve your mid-level goals, and eventually, your top-level goals. What are they? By identifying your low-level goals, it will be easier for you to achieve your mid- and top- level goals.


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