Prime your bedroom and your mind for quality sleep.

As a former lifelong insomniac, Tim Ferriss has tried everything to fall asleep faster and remain asleep longer. Following these three tips ensures he falls asleep quickly and awakens refreshed and feeling amazing! The dark room and a soft bed improve sleep quality and quantity. Tetris occupies the visual processing center of the brain so that you can’t imagine the issue you were obsessing over or craving. It helps by overwriting and overriding negative visualizations, which can ease insomnia and addictions like overeating. The effects may continue for three to four hours after playing.


  1. Buy the softest mattress you can for your bed.
    Hard beds or those made solely of memory foam are not helpful as they lock you into extension. Lie on a bed at a mattress store for five minutes. If you have to cross your feet or put a pillow under your legs, the bed is too hard.

  2. Make your bedroom as dark as possible.
    No phone. No TV. It needs to be black as night.

  3. Play Tetris for 10 minutes.
    Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled have the same effect due to the visually intensive, problem-solving characteristics of these games.


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