Prevent fatigue so as to prevent worry.

Fatigue leads to lower physical resistance to disease, but it also causes a lower resistance to the negative, persistent emotions of fear and worry. The more fatigued you are, the more likely you are to be consumed by negative emotions. Preventing fatigue will thus directly influence the increase in your happiness.


  1. Rest often and regularly.
    Even something as simple as closing your eyes for 20 minutes and just relaxing in the afternoons will go a long way in reducing fatigue and worry.

  2. Be relaxed even when doing work.
    Work in a comfortable position, and the next time you are absorbed in your work, take a few seconds to read the following: “Let go. Let go. Stop straining, stop frowning. Let go. Let go.” Read it a few times, and you will realize that your mental and physical tension is reducing.

  3. Figure out your schedule one day beforehand.
    Make up a schedule every day for the next day and stick to it.


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