Institutionalize your company's core Ideology while driving progress


  1. Create a unified set of the company's values and goals.
    Establish a clear and consistent set of principles that will shape the company's direction. This will also give your company a sense of stability.
  2. Encourage innovation and progress by pushing for change and exploring new possibilities.
    Stimulate progress by encouraging employees to take the initiative and innovate and by creating structures that promote progress.
  3. Institutionalize the core ideology and drive for progress.
    Put tangible mechanisms in place to preserve the core ideology and stimulate progress, such as seminars, employee reviews and promotions, customer feedback loops, rewards and penalties, and R&D laboratories.
  4. Ensure all elements of your company are in line with your core ideology and must drive progress. These elements include your strategies, tactics, organization’s systems, structure, incentive systems, building layout, job design, etc. If some elements are not aligned with your company's ideology and don't drive progress, consider making the necessary adjustments.


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