Prepare to digitally declutter your life.

By preparing for the 30-day digital declutter, you will not be overwhelmed by your detox process and will know what steps to take. It will prepare you mentally for the obstacles you will face and the things you will look forward to.


  1. Identify optional technologies.
    Optional technologies are usually new technologies such as tools that are accessible through your computer or mobile phone. If you feel video games and television are tearing up your days and time, feel free to add them to the list.

  2. Determine what is convenient and what is critical.
    During this break, the apps you choose not to use must not hinder your personal or professional life. For example, if you have to be able to check your email for work regularly, it may not be good to remove the email app from your phone. However, if something becomes inconvenient enough, you may find other ways to get it done. And who knows, what you find might be less time-consuming and more convenient for the future.

  3. Use operating procedures.
    This is for optional technology with a few critical cases. This procedure provides you with guidelines on when you should use them.

  4. Set a daily reminder.
    In the end, you are left with a banned list of technologies and operating procedures. Write them down and put the list somewhere you will see it daily. It will act as a constant reminder to you and provide you with clarity.


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