Practice visualization of strong positive experiences.

Visualization is a great tool to feel more confident. This technique has been proven to work by many athletes and actors. Because of the way our brain works, we can change our mental state to be anything we want by strongly visualizing a situation in which the desired feeling occurred.


You can do this exercise any time you have a minute: on a couch, sitting at your desk, standing in the elevator, or before a presentation or meeting.

  1. Relax and close your eyes.

  2. Remember a past experience in which you felt like a winner.
    For example, a day you accomplished a long-term goal.

  3. Hear the sounds that were in the room.
    It can be applause or murmurs of approval.

  4. See people’s smiles and admiration.

  5. Feel your feet on the ground and a congratulatory handshake.

  6. In the end, re-experience the event and feel your confidence rising.


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