Achieve a small win every day


  1. Choose three behaviours you would like to make into a habit
    Some examples include reading 10 pages every day, meditating for 10 minutes, or taking vitamins daily.

  2. Define the starting point for each behavior, i.e., the Starter Step
    Some examples include simply opening your book, taking your meditation pillow out of the closet, and putting your vitamins in a container on the benchtop.

  3. Identify the smallest step for your chosen behaviour, i.e., Scale Back
    Some examples include reading one paragraph, meditating for two breaths, and taking one vitamin.

  4. For the habit to take hold, just do the Starter Step each day for two weeks
    Nothing more is required to say that you have completed your habit for the day, though you can do more if you wish to.

  5. Add another small step to your routine
    Go at your own pace - only add a step when you feel confident and comfortable about it!


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