Practice relaxing exercises to reduce anxiety, tension, and unhappiness.

Practicing these exercises will keep you happy and relaxed.


  1. Lie flat on the floor whenever you feel stressed.
    Then, stretch your body out as much as you can. You can even roll around if you want to!

  2. Sit up straight and slowly tense your body, bit by bit.
    Make sure your palms are facing down and lightly resting on your thighs. Then, start to tense your toes. Relax. Tense your calves. Relax. Tense your thighs. Relax. Continue to do this, working your way up your body until you get to your neck. Then roll your head around heavily, as if you were drawing a big circle in the air with it.

  3. *Meditate.*
    Watch your breathing and steady it. Make sure you’re breathing all the way down from the bottom of your stomach. Focus on your breathing for a while; don’t allow your mind to wander.

  4. When you feel a frown coming, stop it!
    Smooth your face out instead—always do your best to keep your face relaxed.


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