Practice mindfulness.

Once you begin to recognize and understand your emotions, you will be able to distance yourself from the negative emotions and, therefore, sap the emotional charge out of them.


  1. Notice any minor things happening to you.
    Whenever you experience an itch or pain, just sit there, and impartially witness the discomfort. Apply a soft mental label to the feeling, such as “itching, itching” or “throbbing, throbbing.”

  2. Begin applying mental labels to your thoughts and feelings.
    For example, begin to identify your self-pitying emotions with a non-judgemental attitude. Simply label them with the best descriptive word you can think of.

  3. Remember that your emotions are not permanent.
    Nor do they define you. If you feel angry and jealous, it does not mean that you will always feel that way, nor does it mean that you are an angry and jealous person.


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