Practice loving kindness


  1. Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place

  2. Bring to mind a recent stressful situation
    Notice what it feels like in your body.

  3. Imagine a friend coming through the door
    What does it feel like?

  4. Notice the difference
    What was the difference in your feelings and bodily sensations during a stressful situation and meeting your friend?

  5. Choose a few phrases of well-wishing to offer this friend figure in your mind
    Examples: “May you be happy”, “May you be healthy”, “May you be free from harm”.

  6. Now say the same phrases to yourself
    While doing so, think about your good personal qualities. Let go for now of the bad ones.

  7. Repeat those phrases silently at your own pace
    Try to focus on the current moment. Repeat the process in your mind when you’re encountering people and situations that make you feel anxious.


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