Practice good working habits.

If you practice these good working habits, you will increase your productivity and thus be a lot more successful in your working life. You will not be bogged down by a messy working space or a long and tedious to-do list any longer!


  1. Always clear your desk of all papers and other paraphernalia except those that are directly related to the matter at hand.
    Keep your items organized so you will be able to find everything you need at a moment’s notice.

  2. Always prioritize your tasks in order of importance.
    Then work your way down the list, starting from the most important task.

  3. Solve all problems as they come to you.
    Don’t procrastinate and leave them for another day.

  4. Delegate whatever you can.
    If you have work that you don’t necessarily have to do yourself, delegate it! This will free up your time for the tasks that only you can do.


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