Position your product to distinguish it from the competition.

Whatever product or service you have, you are most likely not alone on the market. Most likely there is a lot of competition. Therefore, positioning your service is very important. It’s not enough that you are a “local music teacher”. Local is not exciting. Instead, be a music teacher that teaches contest winners. That’s good positioning.


  1. Choose two attributes that your product or service is much better at than your competitors.
    For example, speed, price, performance, ingredients, purity, sustainability, obviousness, safety, edginess, distribution, visibility, trendiness, privacy, elitism, difficulty, or limited availability.

  2. Beware of attributes that most people care about.
    Most likely there are already a lot of products positioning themselves around these attributes. And because of it, it will be very difficult for you to grow in such a crowded market. Instead, try to build your own market.


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