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  1. Write empathetic statements about your customer’s internal problem
    Let them know you understand their problem and would like to help them find a resolution. Customers won’t know you care until you tell them.

  2. If you have satisfied customers, place three testimonials on your website
    Avoid rambling testimonials. It won’t take long for a customer to trust you, so keep them brief.

  3. Write a simple statement that includes a statistic
    Ask yourself questions like “How many satisfied customers have you helped?”, “How much money have they saved?” or “By what percentage have their businesses grown?.” Turn the answer into something like “125,000 users trust our award-winning automation software.” That is all your potential customers need to read.

  4. Include small logos or indications of any awards you have won
    No need to make a big deal of it, just include them at the bottom of the page.

  5. Place logos of known businesses you have worked with
    Same as the awards, don’t make a big deal of it, just make sure to show them.


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