Plan your mini-retirements.

Don’t try to visit all of Europe in two weeks. Instead, plan a long vacation, a so-called mini-retirement. Trying to visit everything in two weeks is like taking a starving dog to an all-you-can-eat buffet. He will eat himself to death.

This kind of lifestyle ensures that you are able to enjoy your life throughout your whole life, rather than waiting until you are old—and possibly too old to actually enjoy things to their fullest, as you may be unable physically to do things that you could do when you were younger. As a result of enjoying life more, you will be much more productive with your time and less likely to burn out, as you are having long breaks to rest and recuperate and come back to work energized!


  1. Make a snapshot of your assets and cash flow.
    Make two tables: one with all your current assets  and a second with your current incoming cash flow. Also, think about things that you can eliminate: What creates stress or does not bring any value?

  2. Evaluate your fears of going on a one-year vacation to Europe.
    Write down everything that is holding you back. What would be the worst-case scenario if you did it?

  3. Choose the location of your first mini-retirement.
    Consider locations that are overseas. There are a lot of countries worth considering. Choose something that’s safe.

  4. Prepare for your trip at least three months before.
    You need time to automate your life and close all the obligations you have.


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