Plan your ideal week by consolidating similar tasks


  1. Get a blank weekly calendar.
    You can also just open a calendar app on your phone and create a new blank week or draw it on a piece of paper.

  2. Divide your week into three stages called “Frontstage”, “Backstage”, and “Offstage”.
    Frontstage refers to work-related activities, Backstage refers to planning and organizing tasks, and Offstage refers to rest and relaxation. For example, you could schedule your frontstage activities for every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then, your Backstage activities will be on Thursdays and Fridays. On the weekends, you’ll have your Offstage activities.

  3. List all your tasks and sort similar tasks into one of the three stages.
    For example, you could categorize all your external meetings under Frontstage. So, if you plan to do all your Frontstage activities from Monday - Wednesday, it means that all your external meetings need to be scheduled within those days too.

  4. Commit to following your schedule. While doing the tasks, give your full focus to it.
    Remind yourself that you will deal with other tasks on their designated day.


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