Perfect your posts


  1. Learn how to be interesting and funny.
    Post about a broader range of subjects.
  2. Say what you think.
    Freely express your feelings and attitudes. If you think the world isn’t perfect, say it out loud. 
  3. Be concise. 
  4. Keep paragraphs organized into small chunks.
    Use numbered lists. 
  5. Include curated links.
    When you borrow content from another site, include links to your story’s source.
  6. Always include graphics. 
    Image, video, or graphics drastically improves visibility. You can include a link to the story or upload a picture from the web (make sure it’s free). You can also use Canva to create your own graphics.
  7. Play smart.
    You should use sly titles to attract viewers. You can use the following phrases: 
     - How to rock___
     - Quick guide___
     - A complete guide to___
     - Rules for___
     - Most popular ways to___
     - Tips for busy___
     - What no one tells you about___
     - Creative ways___
  8. Use hashtags.
    That way, you can connect all the posts in the world. By using it, you add relevance to a shared topic. Two to three is acceptable per post.
  9. Post quality content daily to gain reshares and followers. 
  10. Understand the characteristics of your followers, so you can tailor your content.
    Facebook’s analytics is helpful when it comes to your Facebook fans.
  11. Engage with your audience’s posts. 
    Sharing their posts and leaving positive and intelligent comments may yield surprising results!
  12. Pay to promote your content if that is what it takes. 
  13. Be curious.
    Find out what’s optimal for you. Ask and research. Eventually, you’ll see for yourself when and what to share the most. 
  14. Forget SEO.
    You can’t trick Google. Create great content, and it will become recognizable. 


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