Pay attention to your physical and emotional needs


  1. Be mindful of your body’s signals throughout the day.
    Set your alarm to go off every four hours. When it rings, pause whatever you’re doing, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. For the next 60 seconds, scan your body for any tension or pain and breathe directly into that area. Visualize the tension dissipating. Then ask your body: What am I feeling right now? Am I tired/hungry/thirsty? Does my body need to stretch? Then give your body what it needs at that moment.
  2. Identify your preferences, desires, and deal-breakers.
    Go to your OK/Not OK master list from Chapter 2. Group the items in this list into Preferences, Desires, and Deal-Breakers. This will help you clarify the areas of your life you’re willing to compromise and where you’re not.
  3. Create personalized affirmations to overcome negative self-talk.
    Write down a few positive affirmations you can repeat throughout the day. For example, “I love myself unconditionally,” “I express my desires and boundaries with ease,” or “I am worthy and divinely protected.” Use the present tense, keep them short, and make sure they are emotionally meaningful.


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