Overcome the six major fears of humankind to reach your full potential.

Napoleon Hill mentioned these six fears as a foundation roadblock. They prevent many people from getting what they desire. To overcome them, it’s important to know that even though the fear seems to be real, it’s ultimately your choice to be afraid. If you want something enough, you can overcome these fears.


On the way to your full potential is the story you tell yourself. By overcoming these major fears, you rewrite your story.

The fears and the remedies:

  1. Fear of poverty
    Commit to yourself that you will accumulate wealth, and you will maintain it. Tell yourself that money does not make you good or bad. You can be wealthy and still be a good person.

  2. Fear of criticism
    Decide to stop worrying about what others think of you and be sure that you view yourself accurately.

  3. Fear of ill-health
    Decide to take care of your health. Eat proper food, drink enough water, get enough sunlight, and exercise as much as your body needs. Take care of your body as if it is a temple.

  4. Fear of loss of love
    Firstly, love yourself. Then, decide to enjoy, cherish, and value the people in your life that love you and return the love they give you.

  5. Fear of getting old
    Accept that old age is inevitable. It is a part of life and a blessing.

  6. Fear of death.
    Accept that one day you will die. Be ready for that day. It is only when you’re ready to die, that you will begin to live.


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