Overcome the six basic fears


  1. Take inventory of your own fears.
    Write down anything that you are worried about in life and decide which of the six fears it comes under. Be honest with yourself and put together a full list.
  2. Spend 30 minutes picturing the person you want to be.
    Create a distinct picture in your mind of who you want to be. That includes the goals you want to achieve, the relationships you want to have with other people, and the kind of lifestyle you want to lead. Spend 30 minutes thinking about this, being as detailed as possible.
  3. Write down the words you want to tell yourself to help overcome your fears.
    The dominant thoughts in your mind encourage action, so make sure to fill your mind with positive ones.
  4. Repeat daily.
    Repeat this process every day. If it helps, schedule it at the same time, before you go to sleep, for example. Consistently practicing auto-suggestion eventually helps you overcome fears, and the thoughts translate into outward actions that help you reach your goals.


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