Overcome mental-emotional reactive patterns.

If you can recognize, even occasionally, that your thoughts are simply thoughts and not you, then the deeper dimension of unconditional consciousness is already emerging in you. This is the timeless inner space in which the content and real natural beauty of your life unfolds.


  1. Take 30 minutes during the day to recognize the thoughts going through your mind as simply thoughts.
    Learn to just observe them without engaging in them and start to recognize your mental-emotional reactive patterns that can (and often do) occur within your thoughts.

  2. The next time you notice you are bored and restless, rather than trying to satisfy that boredom by getting involved in an activity of some sort, try the following:
    Stay bored and restless and observe what it feels like to be bored and restless—be curious about it and notice what starts to happen as you choose to stay with it.

  3. The next time you are not sure of something or don’t know something, become at ease with the state of not knowing.
    For example, do this when you are uncertain of why you feel a certain way or are uncertain of a way forward with a decision you have to make.


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