Overcome an addiction.

As awareness grows, addictive patterns will weaken and eventually dissolve.


  1. Identify an addiction or compulsive behavior pattern you have.
    For example, smoking, overeating, drinking, watching TV, or internet addiction.

  2. When you notice the compulsive need arising in you, stop and take three conscious breaths to generate awareness.

  3. Become aware of the compulsive urge itself as an energy field inside of you.
    Consciously feel that need to physically or mentally consume a certain substance or act out some form of compulsive behavior.

  4. Catch any thoughts that justify the addictive behavior, sometimes with clever arguments, as they arise in your mind.
    Ask yourself, “Who is talking here?” And you will realize the addiction is talking.

  5. Then take a few more conscious breaths, and the compulsive urge may disappear.
    Or you may find that it still overpowers you, and you cannot help but indulge or act it out again. Don't make it into a problem. Make the addiction part of your awareness practice in the way described above.


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