Organize your week by themes.


  1. Theme your week based on three different kinds of days.
    These are the focus days, buffer days, and free days. You could also customize your themes based on what you think would make you more productive.

  2. List down all your tasks this week.

  3. Identify the most important tasks you need to do during your focus days.
    These are your most important activities, especially those that bring you revenue.

  4. Identify the tasks you would like to do during your buffer days.
    It could be catching up on emails, and calls, holding internal meetings, etc.

  5. Sandwich your vacations with buffer days.
    Dedicate the day before and after your vacation to specific tasks to help you catch up on your workload.

  6. Identify what you want to do during your free day.
    It could be something you could do for fun or charity work as long as it will help you rejuvenate.


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