Organize your prospecting blocks


  1. Validate and update the bottom-tier prospect database.
    At this stage, you have a large volume of prospects but only minimal information about them. Use data validation tools or third-party services to confirm the accuracy of contact details of your prospects. Employ social listening tools, online research, or engage in direct calls to gather more detailed information about these prospects.
  2. Identify buying windows and stakeholders for mid-tier prospects.
    You have solid contact information for these prospects, along with some additional data like demographics, budget, product usage, etc. Now, the goal is to further qualify them by identifying when they might be ready to buy (the buying window) and who the decision makers and influencers are.
  3. Implement nurturing campaigns for upper-mid-tier prospects.
    For these prospects, you've identified potential buying windows and have complete contact records. The task now is to implement nurturing campaigns to ensure they keep your company top of mind until they are ready to buy.
  4. Build familiarity and monitor trigger events for conquest prospects.
    These are your best or largest opportunities, so you want to cultivate strong relationships with them and be ready to act when they're ready to buy. You should continually stay in touch, perhaps through regular phone calls or meetings, and keep an eye out for events that might prompt them to buy.
  5. Follow up immediately with hot inbound leads and referrals.
    These prospects are already showing interest in your company, so you need to contact them as soon as possible to try and move them into your sales pipeline. This might involve a phone call, email, or meeting to discuss their needs and how your company can meet them.
  6. Prioritize highly qualified prospects. These prospects are on the cusp of buying, so they should be your highest priority. Make sure to engage with them regularly, ideally every day, to make sure you can meet their needs and move them into your pipeline.


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