Organize effective meetings


  1. Show up.
    Put out a confident vibe by sitting straight, moving close to the table, and smiling broadly.
  2. Come prepared.
    Always be well-prepared for meetings. If you are the one leading the meeting, prepare your speech. If you are a member of the staff and the leader gave you the agenda in advance, be sure to be informed about it.
  3. Put away your electronics.
    Put your phone aside so you can pay attention to the meeting.
  4. Listen.
    Maintain your focus on what other people in the meeting are saying, and do your best to listen to what they offer.
  5. Speak up.
    Put your energy towards moving the topic forward by offering new information, a fresh viewpoint, or refocusing the subject.
  6. Replace criticism with support.
    Refrain from passing judgment or making disrespectful comments about other people. When someone makes a mistake, stand by him, aid him, and hear him out.


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