Optimize your bank accounts for maximum convenience and rewards


  1. Do your research.
    Research banks and their past behavior to find one that offers better services and no fees. Check if they have been fined or accused of fraud or pushing unnecessary products.
  2. Look for high-interest accounts.
    Look for banks that offer high-interest accounts with no fees.
  3. Read customer reviews.
    Read customer reviews to get an idea of how the bank treats its customers.
  4. Open an account.
    Open an account with the bank that best meets your needs.
  5. Monitor your account.
    Monitor your account regularly to make sure you are not being charged unnecessary fees.
  6. Set up a tracking system.
    Set up a system to track your account balance, such as setting up an alert when the balance is low.
  7. Negotiate fees.
    If you have incurred overdraft fees, contact your bank and negotiate to have them waived.


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