Offer free tools and trials to generate leads


  1. Think of your product or service. Ask yourself, “What kind of free trial can it provide to generate leads?”
    It could be a free consultation, online training videos, sample products, etc. You can also ask your team for their suggestions.

  2. Design the free tool/service in a way that would attract leads.
    You can set a team meeting to discuss how you will design the tool/service, including its features, time frame, division of tasks, etc.

  3. Plan where to showcase your free tool/service.
    Brainstorm how you are going to inform your audience about your offer. Do you plan to use social media? Your website? Email?

  4. Set a schedule for when to launch the tool/service.
    Make sure that everything is done and tested before the planned launch of the free tool/service.

  5. Launch it!
    See how effective the free tool/service is in attracting leads and make necessary improvements along the way.


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