Nurture positive thoughts


  1. Focus on the positives over the negatives
    Remember that there is a silver lining in everything. If something feels too hard or awful, do not dwell on it. Instead, actively focus your energy on your work or other tasks at hand - basically, shift your mind’s focus to something more positive.

  2. See things from a neutral point of view
    Analyse your situation objectively and without emotions, as emotions often cloud our judgement.

  3. Distract yourself from any negative or unhelpful thoughts
    If you are unable to brush your negative thoughts away, distract yourself instead. Go for a walk, for example, or take a shower.

  4. Schedule time to overthink
    For example, set aside 15 minutes every day to overthink. Don’t spend any more time overthinking after this!

  5. Rank your tasks in order of importance and work your way down the list
    This is especially useful when you’re feeling overwhelmed, as you no longer have to worry about when to do each task or how to manage your time.


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