Neutralize negativity.

When you have negative thoughts, it’s not easy to suppress them. In fact, if you try to force yourself to stop these thoughts, it will only make them stronger. This method is different, it’s not about removing bad thoughts, but about noticing them and giving them a different meaning.


Use one of the following techniques when you have persistent negative thoughts.

  1. Stop assuming that your thoughts are accurate.
    Most likely you don’t have the full picture and you’re missing a lot.

  2. See your thoughts as graffiti on a wall.

  3. Name what you are thinking or feeling.
    For example, self-criticism, anxiety, fear, or anger.

  4. Depersonalize what you are feeling.
    Instead of saying, “I’m angry,” say, “I’m feeling anger.”

  5. Imagine seeing yourself from afar.
    Zoom out your perception so you can see the entire Earth hanging in space. Now, slowly zoom in. Remember, you are just one human being having a single experience for a single moment.

  6. Consider the worst case outcome out of the situation.
    Whatever it is, you will survive.

  7. Think of previous times that you’ve been in a similar situation. You were likely thinking that you would not get through that situation.
    And yet you did.


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