Replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk


  1. Be aware of your internal dialogue.
    Awareness is the foundation of change. Start by becoming aware of when you're engaging in self-talk. Then ask yourself throughout the day: What am I telling myself right now? Is it helpful or harmful?
  2. Write down negative self-talk statements.
    Keep a journal or note on your phone where you write down instances of negative self-talk as they occur. This could be anything from "I'm not good enough" to "I always mess things up." Seeing these thoughts on paper or a screen can help you realize how often you're being negative towards yourself.
  3. Challenge negative thoughts.
    For each negative statement you've written down, challenge its accuracy and helpfulness. Ask yourself: Is this really true? Can I think of times when this wasn't the case? This step helps you see that your self-talk might not always be based on facts, opening the door to more positive thinking.
  4. Replace negative statements with positive ones.
    Convert each negative self-talk statement into a positive one. For example, change "I can't do anything right" to "I can learn from my mistakes and improve." This doesn't mean ignoring your faults but focusing on growth and potential instead.


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