Understand the concept of value networks


  1. Understand the concept of value networks.
    Value network refers to the network of businesses, suppliers, and customers involved in creating, distributing, and consuming a particular product or service. It encompasses all the activities and transactions that occur in the creation and delivery of the product, as well as the relationships between the various players involved in the process.
  2. Analyze the expected rewards of sustaining and disruptive innovations.
    Analyze how the potential rewards of sustaining and disruptive innovations influence the allocation of resources.
  3. Understand the organizational impediments.
    Understand how traditional organizational structures can hinder innovations that require people and groups to collaborate in new ways.
  4. Analyze the technological capabilities.
    Analyze how companies build technological capabilities into products such as automobiles and how a lack of knowledge can impede the optimal resolution of a product or process performance problem.
  5. Analyze the market structure.
    Analyze how a firm's competitive strategy and past choices of markets can shape the rewards expected from sustaining and disruptive innovations.


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