Take strategic breaks when your brain needs it


  1. Recognize learning stagnation.
    Pay attention to when you're not picking up new things as easily as before. Understand that it's normal to hit a flat spot in your learning. When it happens, learn to take a pause.
  2. Take a break on purpose.
    Step away from your books or whatever you're studying. Let your brain have some downtime. Do something fun or relaxing – maybe take a walk, do some gardening, watch a movie, or spend time with your loved ones. Allow yourself to do the things that make you happy and help you feel refreshed.
  3. Contemplate on what you've learned.
    While you're taking a break, think about what you've already learned and what you want to achieve next. This can help you get ready for your next learning phase. Ask yourself, "What have I learned so far, and what's my next goal?" Write them down.
  4. Resume learning with renewed vigor.
    When you start studying again, do it with a fresh outlook and determination to get past any tough spots you faced before. You can do it!


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