Motivate yourself.

To perform at your best, you must become your own personal cheerleader. If your inner dialogue is positive and confident, you will be able to easily naturally motivate yourself. Furthermore, when you focus on what you can do about any situation, rather than wallowing in despair about the negativity of it, you will be able to find solutions and eliminate the problem altogether.

When faced with difficult and seemingly impossible tasks, breaking them down into small tasks, or working on them for a brief period of time, will help you develop the forward momentum you need to complete them.


  1. Control your thoughts: Look for the good in every situation.
    Continually tell yourself, “I can do it!” No matter how difficult any situation is, find the silver lining, and try to learn and grow from it. Look for solutions to problems and refrain from complaining about them, as complaints do little to fix any situation.

  2. Keep your thoughts and energy focused forward.
    Think about what you can do right now to improve your life and let the rest go.

  3. Use the “salami slice” or “Swiss cheese” method when working on big, seemingly impossible tasks.
    The salami slice method refers to starting on one small task related to a big, difficult task. Once that is completed, move on to the next small task. Soon enough, the big task will be completed too! The Swiss cheese method refers to working on a big task for a specified time—this can even be as short as five to 10 minutes. Once that time is over, stop and do something else.


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