Merge social media with blogging


  1. Write and share your own blog posts.

  2. Add a picture or video to your blog posts so people can notice you more easily.

  3. Include share buttons to your blog to increase its traffic.

  4. Put links to your social media accounts on your blog.
    If the content is compelling, people will follow you on social media; if it’s the opposite, people will read your blog.

  5. Try adding a ClickToTweet link.
    This service (ClickToTweet) allows you to embed links in your blogs. Clicking on it, people can edit a draft they are presented with or tweet it. That way, you can generate a good tweet if your content is captivating.

  6. Make a Pinterest post for every blog post.
    Pins have a long shelf life and can transfer more traffic to your blog. Also, an option called ’’Pin It for Later’’ reminds people to read posts later.

  7. Connect your blog with Alltop.
    Alltop is a site on which people look for content. You can submit your blog’s RSS feed to get it on Alltop.

  8. Use E-mail lists.
    E-mail is a great marketing tool. To create great e-mails, you must: make it interesting by adding a graphic beside the text, master the subject line, keep it simple and short (5 sentence max), and include a signature at the bottom of an email (with the title, e-mail address, phone number and link to your blogs and social media accounts), forget quotes, and lastly, not spam people.

  9. Learn to pitch.
    It means writing guest posts for well-known sites. When making a sales pitch, make sure to post those that are relevant to your audience and send them personally.

  10. Convert your posts into SlideShare presentations.
    Their platform has an enormous number of views.

  11. Become a part of blogging networks.
    This allows other bloggers to share your posts and stories.

  12. Enable people using social log-in to sign in to your website using their data from other social networks.

  13. Make better connections with people.
    Attend conferences, in-person meetings, or hang out with others.


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